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Maraoke Lockdown

(Almost) everything you love about Maraoke is back, except online!

Actual karaoke in a room full of people is still not an approved activity given current circumstances, but no matter, because we can still bring you:

  • 🌟 All your favourite songs rewritten about games!
  • 🌟 Sung by YOU!
  • 🌟 Livestreamed to our audience using our unique online karaoke technology!
  • 🌟 Watch, support and join on Twitch
  • 🌟 Next event: Friday, 30th October 2020

What are you going to sing? 🤔

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How It Works

We broadcast the show live from Maraoke's Top Secret London HQ. Singers sign up using our web-based karaoke platform - when it's their turn to 'take the stage' the software sends us their audio and video, synced up to the backing track and lyrics, which is then broadcast live on Twitch.

You can read more about the technology that powers this here.

If you'd like to book Maraoke as part of your online party, conference, wedding, or any other event that requires the world's best videogame karaoke system, get in touch.

Instructions for Lockdown

If you’d like to sing at a Lockdown event...

Firstly, make sure you have everything you need. You need to:
  • Wear Headphones/Earphones! (if you're using speakers, we'll get an echo and everything will be BAD)
  • Have a Microphone that works!
  • Have a Camera that works too!
  • Be running Google Chrome (sorry, wider browser support coming soon!)
  • Pick a song from this list
You’ll then need to connect to the Maraoke system to signup (and then sing) by heading to https://system.marao.ke/lockdown. During sign-up, you’ll be asked to do an automated "soundcheck" to make sure we can hear you.

(If you pick a song that's already been sung, we'll be in touch to ask you to pick something else.)

You can leave the camera off once you've signed up, but you'll need to switch it on before we can connect to you for your big moment! We’ll be posting the names of the next few singers in the Twitch chat throughout the evening, so keep an eye on that for when to enable your camera.

When we connect to you, it’s probably best to disconnect from the audience Zoom meeting if you’re on there and haven’t done so already, as well as stopping the Twitch stream, or at least muting it. To ensure the best possible experience, try to close as many other applications and browser tabs as you’re able to.

Have a great night and remember: NO-ONE DIES ALONE!